Tuesday, December 9, 2008

you know it's a good night of tv when you dream about it afterwards:

gossip girl:
i'm calling it right now, december 9th, 2008: BART BASS IS NOT DEAD.

last weeks episode, he was in an accident. now we're at the funeral? we have no idea what kind of accident it was. i think we were supposed to assume car crash, but the PI, who was in the limo, right next to bart, is fine. josh schwartz has always shown us the death. we had caleb falling in the pool, marissa getting in the car crash. it seems too neat. there weren't any hospital visits, no elaborate crash scene, no body. i'm thinking he's faking his death. why, i have no idea. but it would be fan-freaking-tastic. 

speaking of fantastic: chuck & blair. ed westwick and leighton meester brought their A game last night. their hug on the bed was awkward and perfect, and i can't wait to see how their storyline progresses. 

how i met your mother:

so robin thinks it's hot when guys fight. so when doug, the bartender (what, you don't remember doug! he's been there the whole time!) needs ted & barney to back him up in a fight, barney jumps at the chance. but, the fight it over before it gets started, so barney decides to hit himself and ted, to convince "everyone to sleep with me again!" perfect. perfectperfectperfect. the only think that drove me crazy was how obviously barney was going after robin, and ted/marshall never said anything about it! especially after robin was so into it. i mean, she was rubbing his thigh under the table! (HOT!) i also loved the date offer, and how awkward she was about it afterwards. keep it up, himym. i like your style right now.

i love chuck. i've said this before, but it's all i can think after it's over. last nights episode focused on sarah, and those are usually my favorite. sarah's con man daddy comes into town, and has done something bad to some arab leader. i honestly didn't understand what all was going on with that, other than they wanted to buy some building. but sarah's daddy called casey "copface" and was kind of awesome, so i hope he comes back. 

and how much do i love sarah/chuck. precious. one of my favorite tv couples right now.


robin: "i didn't think you had it in me...you! you had it in you!" after barney got into a "fight"

blair: i'm me and you're you. we're chuck & blair. blair & chuck. the worst thing you've ever done, the darkest thought you've ever had. i will stand by you through anything. 

chuck: and why would you do that?

blair: because. i love you.

chuck: well, thats too bad.


house & fringe tonight!

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