Sunday, August 29, 2010

i am so terrible at this. hopefully i can actually do this thing this year. i dont know when i will have time for tv, since i have 3 night classes and no DVR (or even VCR) but i will write. yes i will. yes yes yes.

(this time next year, when i'm looking at this and seeing like, 5 posts above it, i'll just laugh and be like, "yeah, i wasn't going to write.")

but if i do write, here's the shows i might write about. by night, so it'll be organized!

-how i met your mother
-gossip girl (maybe. the finale pissed me off, but the promos look fun. paris! clothes! rich people!)
-the event. (maybe. looks interesting.)


-modern family

-the office (maybe. sadly.)
-greys (maybe. the finale was amazing.)
-want to get caught up on community! i watched the pilot and it was hilarious.

nothing. i watch the buffy marathons on logo. and all the boy meets world eps from the week on my parents dvr.

i feel like my list is a lot smaller this year. maybe thats good. i'll have time to try and be a good student, or whatever.

yay tv!

Monday, July 5, 2010

"...we don't really care about the dog."

the fact that it took a very special episode of the bachelorette to bring me out of my blogging funk makes me hate myself a bit, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

let me start off by saying that i didn't really watch jake/vienna's season. i had 50 other shows + sorority meetings at the same time, so it wasn't high on the priority list. but i did hear opinions from everyone on the planet. i know everyone hated vienna, blah blah blah. but what i saw tonight was this:

vienna is a little bit dumb. and i mean that in a "bless her heart" kinda way. she seems like a small town girl, who got caught up in hollywood and fairy tale romances and the reality show machine.

jake, on the other hand, came off as a complete and utter tool. the quiet rage at the beginning, the slightly psychotic laughter when he said "fyi, i flew a plane LAST WEEKEND!", and of course, the "STOP INTERRUPTING ME!!!!" complete with raised fist, did absolutely nothing to redeem him in the eyes of the american public. most people i know already couldn't stand him, after this, i don't think he'll have anyone in his corner.

(besides chris harrison, who also reeks of douche and hairspray.)

as for the actual bachelorette section of the show, i was underwhelmed. frank is far and away my favorite, all the other guys fall in the the 'nice, but boring' box. but from the way the previews are going, it looks like frank will break my heart, as well as allie's.

please don't end up being a douchy famewhore, frank! my heart can't take it!

so there was my introduction back into blogging.
see you in another 6 months, kids!

Monday, May 24, 2010

oh hey, i have a blog?

i haven't written in here in 9 months, but last night was the lost finale, and i have a lot of feelings. so here we go:

- i think the main problem i had with the finale (and really the only problem) is kate/jack ending up together. the scene with them kissing on the rock made me throw a pillow at my tv. i have been invested in the kate/sawyer relationship since SEASON 1 EPISODE 8. THAT IS A LONG TIME. so i felt a little jipped that their relationship wasn't even mentioned in the finale. but i have convinced myself that when their plane landed, kate and sawyer stayed together, and she took him to meet his daughter and they were next door neighbors to claire and helped her with aaron and they were all BFFS until they died.

-now on the other hand, i did LOVE sawyer/juliet's reunion. and i guess if you ended with sawyer/juliet you have to put kate/jack together. so i understand.

-i loved all the other reunions. sun/jin, claire/charlie (!!!!) were all adorable and made me teary.

-what happened to desmond?! how did he get off the island?! did he find penny?! what about his baby?! what made him special?! had he died for a little bit, and thats how he knew about the sideways world?!

-so basically the island was the hellmouth, and jacob was buffy, and all the candidates were the potential slayers who have to protect the hellmouth from opening. nice buffy rip off, damon/carlton.

-i love that hurley ended up being the new jacob and BEN was his number two! that was all ben wanted! i've been rooting for ben for a long time, so i was happy he ended up happy.

-speaking of ben, how did they get the tree of him?! they made a huge deal about how heavy the tree was, and then ben is running thru the island?

- i was originally really pissed about the sideways world being purgatory, but i've accepted it now, and think it's really sweet they all found each other. i don't understand why all this stuff happened in the sideways (jack having a son, etc), but it was an interesting storyline for the season.

overall, i have a lot of questions, but i know they will never be answered. so i'm going to be happy about the finale, and thankful for such an amazing show. it's been a crazy 6 years!

thanks for the memories, lost.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

bones 101-

i realized reading back my last post, that if you don't know anything about bones, nothing i wrote would make much sense. so, i'm going to give you an intro guide to BONES.

where can i find it?: it's on fox, thursdays at 7:00. you can catch re-runs on TNT from like 4-7 on weekdays. they change it up a lot though, so check your tv guide.

who's in it?: david boreanaz and emily deschanel are the two leads. you know david from classics like buffy the vampire slayer/angel. and you know emily because she is zooey's sister, and you all know zooey.

whats it about?: bones, duh. lets break it down:

deschanel plays dr. temperance brennan. she's a forensic anthropologist. if you don't know what that is, she analyzes the bones of dead people and can tell how they died, and how they lived. gets assigned to work with the FBI. she's a legit genius and socially awkward. she puts logic and facts above everything else. she's got some crazy family issues- dead mom, criminal daddy and semi-criminal brother.

boreanaz plays special agent seely booth. (hot, right?) he's a fiercely loyal FBI agent who believes in faith, love and going with your gut. he's a former army sniper. has really cute dimples. would do absoultely anything for his country and the people he loves. also has some abusive, drunk daddy issues. likes to wear bright socks and a belt buckle that says "cocky". affectionately calls brennan "bones". (oh hey, thats the name of the show!)

obviously, two very different people. you've got the brain and the heart. so naturally, they get paired together to solve cases for the FBI. there's the case of the week, and usually some story arc that goes throughout the season.

now if you've ever watched tv before, you know how this game is played. they start off the show, semi hating each other. she thinks he's an idiot, he thinks she's obnoxious, they both think the other is super hot. by the end of season 1, they've got a lot of trust and respect for each other. seasons 2, 3, and 4, have all gone a little deeper into the relationship. starting out with going undercover as husband/wife, and most recently, deciding to have a child together (in non romantic, scientific way, which is how brennan likes things.)

OKAY WHY SHOULD I WATCH?: the relationship between brennan and booth is the number one reason in my books. it's sweet and sexy and meaningful and so honest and lovely. this is tv world, and they can't be together for at least another season, but the writers give us some amazing moments between the two that will have you yelling at your tv "COME ON MAKE OUT ALREADY OMG". and other nice things. :)

okay fine. the mysteries are always interesting. i've learned a lot about anthropology. there's usually some nasty body stuff whenever they find the dead body. it's funny when it needs to be. i've learned to never be the one to call in a murder, because you will be the number 1 suspect. the whole cast is gorgeous. it'll make you smarter.

so there's bones in a nutshell. you can borrow my dvds, watch it online, catch up on TNT, so whatever. just watch it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

bones 5x1- the harbingers in the fountain.

this weeks season premiere of bones was AMAZING. after the majority of critics and fans were disappointed with the season 4 finale, this premiere had a lot to prove.

i don't think anyone was disappointed anymore.

the season premiere, the harbingers in fountain, was chock full of bones goodness. angela has a new physic who knows where a bunch of bodies are buried (and that brennan and booth are totes meant to be), which gives agent booth (david boreanaz, aka love of my middle school life) and dr. brennan (the gorgeous emily deschanel) their first case back after booth's brain surgery/coma. the case isn't actually that important in this episode, which is really the only weakness.

the focus is on booth and brennan and their constantly evolving relationship. this week, booth told brennan he loved her (!!!!!) but quickly took it back saying it was "you know, in a professional, atta girl kind of way." brennan is totally surprised/shocked/freaked/excited, which is obviously why booth clarifies (slash TAKES BACK) the love confession. she follows it up with an "hah, love ya too, atta boy!" but you GUYS! THEY SAID THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! in their own strange way, but it's good enough for now.

there was also the amazing rescue scene: brennan goes after one the suspects on her own and gets herself stabbed in the arm. booth arrives just in time to shoot the bad guy, and comforts brennan. they're both on the floor and all wrapped up in each other and then booth KISSES HER HEAD and CALLS HER BABY. these two are just completely gone and head over heels for each other, it's adorable.

we end the episode with booth still questioning himself. he doesn't feel completely 100% after his brain surgery and can't remember everything about his old life. this is leaving him confused about his feelings for brennan and if they're legit, or a side effect from the coma. now we all obviously know that they are both totally in love, but it should be interesting to see how they come together this season.

and if they aren't together by the end of the season, i will NOT BE AMUSED.

line of the night goes to brennan, after being asked how she felt after being stabbed: "well, they put me on medication, so i'm feeling how people of average intelligence must feel all the time."

up next: the EMMYS! i don't have a whole lot invested in the actual awards this year, but NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. that's all i need. i will watch every moment. and you can watch along with me as i LIVE BLOG/TWEET. woo!

Friday, September 11, 2009


i have a glee post getting a shiny and ready to go, but first: how i met your mother sneak peek! there's tuxedo night, barney & robin excitement and the general himym amazingness. less than 2 weeks!!!! enjoy it, kids.

Monday, August 31, 2009


oh, my god. you guys.


it's september.

do you know what that means?



slowly, but surely all my babies are coming home. and i know i've said this before, but i am MOTIVATED to write. school is good and life is good and i'm scheduling time to write in here like a class. so get ready for some quick wit and tv trashing.

so here's a quick outline on when the shows that i will cover are returning.

SEPT 9th
-glee, 7pm FOX*
-so you think you can dance, 8pm FOX

SEPT 14th
-gossip girl, 8pm the CW

SEPT 17th
-bones, 7pm FOX
-fringe, 8pm FOX
-the office, 8pm NBC

SEPT 21st
-how i met your mother, 7pm CBS
-house, 7pm FOX (2 hour premiere)

-lost, ABC
-chuck, NBC
-friday night lights, NBC

i'm not checking out many new shows this season (minus glee, which i've already proposed marriage to), but anything that grabs my attention/gets a lot of buzz i'll catch up on over thanksgiving/christmas.

happy tv watching everyone!

* glee actually premieres this wends, but it's a reairing of the pilot with a few special extras. brand new episodes start the 9th. WOO