Sunday, August 29, 2010

i am so terrible at this. hopefully i can actually do this thing this year. i dont know when i will have time for tv, since i have 3 night classes and no DVR (or even VCR) but i will write. yes i will. yes yes yes.

(this time next year, when i'm looking at this and seeing like, 5 posts above it, i'll just laugh and be like, "yeah, i wasn't going to write.")

but if i do write, here's the shows i might write about. by night, so it'll be organized!

-how i met your mother
-gossip girl (maybe. the finale pissed me off, but the promos look fun. paris! clothes! rich people!)
-the event. (maybe. looks interesting.)


-modern family

-the office (maybe. sadly.)
-greys (maybe. the finale was amazing.)
-want to get caught up on community! i watched the pilot and it was hilarious.

nothing. i watch the buffy marathons on logo. and all the boy meets world eps from the week on my parents dvr.

i feel like my list is a lot smaller this year. maybe thats good. i'll have time to try and be a good student, or whatever.

yay tv!