Tuesday, December 9, 2008

you know it's a good night of tv when you dream about it afterwards:

gossip girl:
i'm calling it right now, december 9th, 2008: BART BASS IS NOT DEAD.

last weeks episode, he was in an accident. now we're at the funeral? we have no idea what kind of accident it was. i think we were supposed to assume car crash, but the PI, who was in the limo, right next to bart, is fine. josh schwartz has always shown us the death. we had caleb falling in the pool, marissa getting in the car crash. it seems too neat. there weren't any hospital visits, no elaborate crash scene, no body. i'm thinking he's faking his death. why, i have no idea. but it would be fan-freaking-tastic. 

speaking of fantastic: chuck & blair. ed westwick and leighton meester brought their A game last night. their hug on the bed was awkward and perfect, and i can't wait to see how their storyline progresses. 

how i met your mother:

so robin thinks it's hot when guys fight. so when doug, the bartender (what, you don't remember doug! he's been there the whole time!) needs ted & barney to back him up in a fight, barney jumps at the chance. but, the fight it over before it gets started, so barney decides to hit himself and ted, to convince "everyone to sleep with me again!" perfect. perfectperfectperfect. the only think that drove me crazy was how obviously barney was going after robin, and ted/marshall never said anything about it! especially after robin was so into it. i mean, she was rubbing his thigh under the table! (HOT!) i also loved the date offer, and how awkward she was about it afterwards. keep it up, himym. i like your style right now.

i love chuck. i've said this before, but it's all i can think after it's over. last nights episode focused on sarah, and those are usually my favorite. sarah's con man daddy comes into town, and has done something bad to some arab leader. i honestly didn't understand what all was going on with that, other than they wanted to buy some building. but sarah's daddy called casey "copface" and was kind of awesome, so i hope he comes back. 

and how much do i love sarah/chuck. precious. one of my favorite tv couples right now.


robin: "i didn't think you had it in me...you! you had it in you!" after barney got into a "fight"

blair: i'm me and you're you. we're chuck & blair. blair & chuck. the worst thing you've ever done, the darkest thought you've ever had. i will stand by you through anything. 

chuck: and why would you do that?

blair: because. i love you.

chuck: well, thats too bad.


house & fringe tonight!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

playing catch up

gossip girl:
i was so disappointed. blair/chuck were in the episode for about 5 minutes, and dan/serena/boy who needs a bath took the WHOLE EPISODE WITH THEIR BORING DRAMA OMG. and aarons skanky ex can go away at anytime. honestly, if this show turned into the chuck/blair show with occasional apperances by lily/rufus/nate, i would be a happy girl. but next week looks amazing, with bass sr dying. 

i love this show so much. this week was not it's best, though. casey's backstory was boring, but i enjoyed casey/chuck time. the sarah/chuck moments were adorable and if they do not get together this year i will be devestated. i also love the brother/sister love between ellie/chuck. i hope he is able to find their dad for her, and i think it will be a good storyline.

how i met your mother:
it was a rerun. but it was one of my favorite episodes EVER, the bracket. funnyfunny stuff and hot barney/robin action!

this show is new to me this year, because i've been working on tuesdays. but i'm loving it, and i'm going to catch up on dvds over christmas. but from what ive seen, house is one of the most interesting characters on TV right now. i'll talk more about it after i watch the first few season and get more of his backstory. but house/cuddy are fascinating together. i can't wait to catch up!

and hugh laurie has pretty pretty eyes. wow.

i need to pay more attention to this show. i just started watching it because joshua jackson is pretty. but it's finally starting to come together and get really interesting. but i'm kind of lost, so i need to rewatch. 

friday night lights:
it's downloading right now.

about a month until it comes back and abc has released a sneak peek and a gorgeous promo poster:

hi boyfriend!sawyer! look at you all pretty in the center. and kate/sawyer are obviously meant for each other because they're totes together on the couch and all pretty by each other.

i really hope kate gets more of a storyline this year, instead of being bounced around between jack & sawyer. other than the obvious reason of kate/sawyer being superior to kate/jack, she started out as a bad ass criminal, and is now boring and strictly used to for romantic tension. but this clip is looking like they're getting back towards the badass kate. and BEN totally sent the lawyers to kate.


Monday, December 1, 2008

me & my tv- the love affair.

one of my biggest pet peeves is when you ask someone "hey! did you see lost last night?"  and they just give you this look, and say "i don't watch much tv."

well congratulations. you are obviously a much better person than i am. do you want a prize?

i watch a ridiculous amount of television. i am aware of this. i've done it since i was in elementary school, and i would watch nickelodeon/pbs/disney channel for hours and hours on end. if anyone talked to me during boy meets world, i would yell at them and refuse to talk until the show was over.

but the turning point was the summer before 6th grade.

the show? buffy, the vampire slayer. 

my mom had been watching the show for 3 seasons, and i would always try to watch it with her. she had dismissed it as too mature, but then, when i hit that magic age of 11, (why 11? i have no idea), i was finally allowed to watch with her. 

it was love at first quip. buffy was my hero, spike was dreamy (the bad boy thing started early), oz was the best boyfriend in the world, and willow was the smart girl i aspired to be. i taped each episode and watched them on repeat until the next weeks episode. i could quote lines verbatim. (actually, i think i still can) but i was alone in my love, since no one else in my grade watched buffy. so then, i found the internet.

this was 1999/2000, so the internet was a little more limited then it is now. we had dial up AOL. so i searched buffy the vampire slayer, hoping to find pictures to put on my binder. instead, i found the AOL message boards. here were TONS (okay, maybe like 100.) of people who all loved buffy and wanted to talk about it! it was like coming home. they cared when oz cheated on willow with that skank werewolf! and that there was a whole episode where nobody talked! and that they were turning willow into a LESBIAN WTF?

that year i also got hooked on angel and roswell. old school WB was good to me. 

so that is where the obsession began. although, i don't really like the word obsession. it has such a negative connotation. like, you have no other thoughts.

i have lots of thoughts. i've been dancing my whole life, and now teach some amazing little girls. i love going out and getting all dressed up and cute. i have a huge family and i love all of them. i love to read and work out and shop too much. 

so all my tv thoughts are going here. i would post real life stuff here too, but my life is painfully boring at the moment, so i'll spare the details.

lets have some fun.