Thursday, March 19, 2009

the week so far:

lets start with lost, because OMG IT'S SO GOOD:
this show is screwing with me. and i love EVERY BIT of it.
jack, kate, hurley, sayid, sun, and ben are all back on the island. but only sun & ben (and pilot frank!) have landed in the present. the others are in 1977 with sawyer & crew. why did they split? i have no idea. i'm sure we'll find out soon enough. but seriously, how amazing was this episode? let me count the ways:

1. juliet delivered ETHAN ROM. scary, kidnapping ethan. and her look of masked horror when she realized how the baby was.

2. kate & sawyer are back! well, at least back in the same decade. i have a feeling it's going to be a slow journey for them to get back together (and come on, they're totally getting back together), so i will take my angsty looks and awkward waves. and hey, they're neighbors!

3. sawyers verbal SMACKDOWN with jack. i actually applauded at the end, it was so glorious. of course, everything is bound to blow up in sawyers face, but it's going to be nice while it lasts. oh, and sawyer made jack a JANITOR. way to be amazing, sawyer.

4. SUN KWON. remember in season 1 was she was just this quiet little housewife who was running away from her husband? times have changed.

5. speaking of smackdowns, anyone think kate & juliet might be having one soon? i'm guessing kate has suspected sawyer/juliet are together, because she did not look amused when juliet introduced herself. although maybe jack will woo his way back into juliets heart, with all of his charm, or whatever,

6. baby ben! with little harry potter glasses! although i can't believe that sawyer & crew have gone 3 years without figuring out ben was on the island. maybe he and his dad came in with the new recruits? because you know sawyer & juliet would have been all over baby ben.

7. jacks dad is the creepiest character on this show. scarier than ben and the smoke monster. i can't wait to find out what his deal is.

okay other shows:

gossip girl:
whatever. i'm glad this arc is over. the slutty teacher (honestly, still have no idea what her name was) and that hooker chuck was with were totally killing my gossip girl buzz. but thankfully they're gone, and the episodes coming up look like some classic gossip girl. they better not disappoint.

this week focused a lot on the lily/ted dynamic, which i love. ted finds out that lily has been behind most of his failed relationships, including robin. so he teds out, and yells at lily a lot. this all happens at 4 in the am because they promised robin they would watch her silly morning show. but they're all bickering and completely miss robin delivering a baby, saving her coworkers from a heart attack & a fire, and something crazy with animals. but in the end ted forgives lily, and forms a marriage pact with robin. which did not amuse me, but we know how it ends up, so i'm not worried.

oh, also marshall and barney were nightgowns and are precious.

american idol:
i hate country week. but i LOVE kris allen. his performance is the only one i really even remember (minus adams weird sexual indian performance, which i still don't know if i like or not). everyone else can leave. i didn't mind alexis being voted off, i thought she was bland, and tried too hard. next week is motown, which will most likely be boring. stupid american idol! why do i let you suck me in?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

thanks a lot, SEACREST.

i got sucked into american idol AGAIN. here's my quick thoughts:


-lil round. your pants were so horribly ugly, i couldn't even pay attention to the song. white mom jeans with a poofy crotch? girrrrl. not fierce. 

-I DON'T CARE THAT SCOTTY IS BLIND. i know this makes me heartless, or whatever, but big deal. being blind has nothing to do with your ability to sing. he's not that good of a singer. get over it.

-danny is cute and entertaning to watch. and he didn't pull the dead wife card (I KNOW, I'M HEARLESS), so points for you. and your whole singing everything you do is like marshall in himym, which is presh.

- kris allen is my american idol crush. welcome to the club, lovely. don't let me down. so many have in the past (i'm looking at you, guarini. and blake lewis. and ace young). he did a great job, and if he keeps that cute boy with a guitar act up, he will sail though the competition. and kris, if you feel so inclined to sing some jason mraz or matt nathanson, i might throw a few 100 votes your way. and i don't think i've voted since kelly.

-the girls are WEAK this year. jasmine is completely unforgettable, alison is good, but a little one note for me, lil bores me, and megan looked like a lost puppy dog. i liked alexis, but i got what simon said when he said that she's not as good as she thinks she is. 

-anoop/jorge are boring. they can leave anytime.

-i'm holding judgement on adam. i think he's interesting, but i wouldn't listen to his CD based on what he's shown us so far. (kris, my love. i would have you on repeat. with a picture of you up on my wall. and i would write mr & mrs kris allen on it.)

-everyone else i don't have much of an opinion on. i'm sure i will hate them soon. 

-i think the SURPRISING! SHOCKING! TWIST! is that america votes bottom 3, judges pick who goes. which makes it deliciously catty, and i love it. now these kids are going to be sucking up to simon & crew, and we won't get any of that annoying sassing back that these kids always think is so cute & clever. 

KELLY CLARKSON IS ON TOMORROW!! she can show this crew what a real american idol is. WORK girl. and kelly, your new cd is fabulous and i love it. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm really bad at this:

so, i'm way behind. lets just jump right back into things. 

i am so conflicted. this past episode "la fleur" was a very good episode. we learned that sawyers group on the island is now stuck in the 1970's, right in the middle of the dharma initiative's heyday. sawyer formed a big lie to keep his group safe (SOUND FAMILAR, OCEANIC 6?) and they are now working members of the DI. not only are they members of the initiative, sawyer is pretty much one of the head honchos. we also meet amy, who gives birth (thanks to juliet!)  on the island to a boy. and we now get to speculate who the boy is, because it's obviously someone important. popular guesses: ethan or desmond

so why the conflicted feelings? i'm not buying the juliet/sawyer relationship. i thought their first scene where he convinced her to stay on the island was really sweet, but the scene in the kitchen was very...saccharine. it's not even an issue of kate vs. juliet (well maybe a tiny little bit) but here's the thing: i like my sawyer bad, with a little bit of good thrown in. this new sawyer, is sweet and brings his girl flowers and is clean shaven. he doesn't even do nicknames anymore! so i understand that there needs to be character development and stuff, but this doesn't even seem like the same guy to me.

here's what this episode did make me excited about: the redevelopment of kate & sawyer's relationship. we got that big speech at the end about how over kate he is, and can't even remember her face, then 5 minutes later when he sees kate on the island, he is all puppy dog eyes. now, the writers have quite a job to do. they are obviously leading back to a kate/sawyer relationship but there's a complication. people (well, the internets) HATE kate. the past season and a half, she has been whiny, boring, and wishy washy. but, everyone LOVES sawyer, and they don't want kate anywhere near sawyer. which sadly, i can understand right now. but i think if the writers set this up correctly, it could be epic. i'm going to save my big theories about the two of the for it's own separate post, because this one is getting long.

FINALLY: my theories!

1. okay. so the O6 (at least jack, kate & hurley) have landed in the 1970s, along with the rest of the left-behinders. we know that young BEN was on the island in the 1970's with his father. so here's my idea: back in the S2 finale, when ben makes the list of people (the triangle + hurley) to bring back to the others, he picked them because he ALREADY KNEW THEM. FROM THE 70's. OMG RIGHT?! we know from dan/charlotte that dan told a young charlotte to never come back to the island, because it would kill her. so the 06 + left behinders (these people need a name asap) obviously have some effect on the people they come in contact with. in the future. or the past? i don't know it hurts my head to think about it too much. basically, they aren't changing the past, because it's the way the past happened. make sense? no? that's okay i'm not sure it i understand either. but i do know it makes me totes excited. 

sorry for the lengthy post, you get a cookie for reading it all though.

what to watch this week:
-chuck, monday 7:00pm (NBC)
-how i met you mother, monday 7:30 (CBS)
-house, monday 7:00 (FOX) 
-bones (my new favorite show, a post is coming) thursday 7:00 (FOX)
-the office thursday 8:00 (NBC)
-friday night lights 8:00 (NBC)