Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's "is she hot", not "would you do her." respect the game, man.


(and doesn't my love sawyer look all gorgeous as the island leader? yeah i know)

okay. so lost is back with 2 new hours this week. and they were insane. the last time we saw the island, it had disappeared. we come back to find out that the island is now moving though TIME. crazy right? sawyer thinks so. so did frogurt, but he's dead now. in all honesty, i don't really understand the time travel stuff that well, so i'm not going to try and sound smart with all my therories. 

but, i do have one.
the whispers that were on the island (jack, sawyer, hurley, sayid & locke have all heard them) are the losties in the future/past on the island. so, they are hearing themselves, but in different times.

make sense? it does in my head. lol.

other things i enjoyed:
-DANIEL FARADAY. i have a new lost crush. he is adorable and smart and precious. and his voice is the most soothing voice in the world. he & charlotte are my new island couple, until kate & sawyer are reunited. although from the promo it looks like charlotte won't last long.  

-sawyer being all angsty about losing kate. poor baby. i'll even forgive him for slapping dan. but if sawyer/juliet happens, i will eat my hand. i'm sick of the love triangle/square. just put sawyer/kate together and let them be hot. jeez.

-sun being a badass. i can't tell exactly what she is doing and who she is working with, but i love her anyways. but i am nervous she's going to do something to aaron. 

-ben. i just love him. i love how i can't tell if he is 100% evil, or if there are some good intention underneath the evil. 

lastly, i love this:


jesus christ might not be a weapon, hurley, but a hot pocket is!

i would blog about the office, but it hasn't inspired me lately. i still think it's funny, but i'm just kind of whatever about it, right now. :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

let's call it puzzles!

monday night tv is going to kill me one day:

gossip girl.


um. we're in a bit of a tiff, gossip girl. 1st of all: YALE SENDS OUT IT'S ACCEPTANCE LETTERS IN A TEXT MESSAGE?! i know the show is supposed to be all hip and about the power of mass communication, but really? the ivy league texts? i don't buy it, kids.

and dan & serena still make me want to punch somebody. 

and the new shakespeare teacher plot seems dumb, and blair is way better than trying to bring her down. and we can see her & dan's hookup coming from a MILE away. (i totes don't even remember the teachers name. let's call her juliet. because you know, SHAKESPEARE teacher. hah.) 

i did enjoy chuck/lily. they were sweet and i liked them plotting together to take down jack. and THANK YOU JESUS jack bass is gone. as hot as he was, it was time to go. although it seems like attempting rape is bass family trait. charming. 

they also get points for the gilmore girls/rory-at-yale reference. and how fabulous would a paris/blair verbal smackdown be? the world would never recover. 

How I Met Your Mother:

"dude. we should start a BAR!"

i love barney/ted time. the gang spends so much time hating on barney, it's nice to be reminded why these guys are friends. especially after last week, with ted figuring out that barney <3's>

lily/marshall continue to be adorable. i love that they tried to mature (or maTOUR, as everyone insisted on pronouncing it last night) and realized that they like being the cheesy, romantic, tradition-y couple. it's a nice dynamic to the bitterness of barney & robin. (which is why they are perfect together and need to get together ASAP PLEASE) the end with the marching band and the keg of beer and the late new years ever kiss was just so adorable and is exactly why i love this show so much. it's a funny show, but at it's core it's got a huge heart.

line of the night:

blair (of course): you're the one that got into yale? CANCEL THE NELLY YUKI PROJECT.

ps. yay OBAMA! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009




(ps, there will be an actual post about monday night tv, and the season (NOT SERIES PLEASE JESUS) finale of friday night lights. i just needed to squeal for a second.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

i see the signs now all the time.

one of my new years resolution is to write in this more. so lets kick it off with a good one:

monday night is my favorite tv night! we're starting back slow, with only one show on tonight. thankfully, it provided enough drama to last me through the week.

we pick up a month after where left off. rufus hates lily, dan is boring, serena dumped aaron bobby on the plane to buneos aris, jenny is being a good girl again, blair is trying to join a social league to forget about chuck bass, who was off getting trashed & laid in thailand. 

oh and dorota was being awesome. of course.

so, blair is trying to bring chuck back from the dark side, with the help of his (HOT!) smarmy uncle, jack bass. (which, btw is a good detective name)  jack bass drags him back to the US, and blair tries to keep him from getting expelled. they also talk him down from a drunken roof rant, which was heartbreaking. ed westwick is doing a phenomenal job with chucks downwards spiral. the chuck/blair moment when she helps him down from the ledge was gorgeous.

OUR OMG!WTF! moment came at the end. jack bass (i like his whole name, sorry) is getting chuck in the limo to take him home. blair tells him that CHUCK CAN NEVER KNOW ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED ON NEW YEARS EVE. he agrees. they drive off. and we are yelling at josh schwartz because there's no way blair would sleep with JACK?! after she told chuck she loves him?! and we have a week to speculate other, less horrifying options. 

in other news: dan & serena are back together and more boring than ever; little j isn't little j anymore and is actually acting like a decent human being; nelly yuki is awesome; rufus & lily's lovebaby is a boy & they're going on a road trip to find him. oh and we never have to see aaron bobby again, thank jesus.

line of the night:
blair: you obviously don't know him. chuck has a thing for roofs.

LOST COUNTDOWN: 15 DAYS! and word on the street is that my baby sawyer is shirtless from the entire first hour. and angsty. just the way i like him. i can't wait!!

you know you love me.
xoxo gossip girl.