Thursday, December 4, 2008

playing catch up

gossip girl:
i was so disappointed. blair/chuck were in the episode for about 5 minutes, and dan/serena/boy who needs a bath took the WHOLE EPISODE WITH THEIR BORING DRAMA OMG. and aarons skanky ex can go away at anytime. honestly, if this show turned into the chuck/blair show with occasional apperances by lily/rufus/nate, i would be a happy girl. but next week looks amazing, with bass sr dying. 

i love this show so much. this week was not it's best, though. casey's backstory was boring, but i enjoyed casey/chuck time. the sarah/chuck moments were adorable and if they do not get together this year i will be devestated. i also love the brother/sister love between ellie/chuck. i hope he is able to find their dad for her, and i think it will be a good storyline.

how i met your mother:
it was a rerun. but it was one of my favorite episodes EVER, the bracket. funnyfunny stuff and hot barney/robin action!

this show is new to me this year, because i've been working on tuesdays. but i'm loving it, and i'm going to catch up on dvds over christmas. but from what ive seen, house is one of the most interesting characters on TV right now. i'll talk more about it after i watch the first few season and get more of his backstory. but house/cuddy are fascinating together. i can't wait to catch up!

and hugh laurie has pretty pretty eyes. wow.

i need to pay more attention to this show. i just started watching it because joshua jackson is pretty. but it's finally starting to come together and get really interesting. but i'm kind of lost, so i need to rewatch. 

friday night lights:
it's downloading right now.

about a month until it comes back and abc has released a sneak peek and a gorgeous promo poster:

hi boyfriend!sawyer! look at you all pretty in the center. and kate/sawyer are obviously meant for each other because they're totes together on the couch and all pretty by each other.

i really hope kate gets more of a storyline this year, instead of being bounced around between jack & sawyer. other than the obvious reason of kate/sawyer being superior to kate/jack, she started out as a bad ass criminal, and is now boring and strictly used to for romantic tension. but this clip is looking like they're getting back towards the badass kate. and BEN totally sent the lawyers to kate.


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