Sunday, August 29, 2010

i am so terrible at this. hopefully i can actually do this thing this year. i dont know when i will have time for tv, since i have 3 night classes and no DVR (or even VCR) but i will write. yes i will. yes yes yes.

(this time next year, when i'm looking at this and seeing like, 5 posts above it, i'll just laugh and be like, "yeah, i wasn't going to write.")

but if i do write, here's the shows i might write about. by night, so it'll be organized!

-how i met your mother
-gossip girl (maybe. the finale pissed me off, but the promos look fun. paris! clothes! rich people!)
-the event. (maybe. looks interesting.)


-modern family

-the office (maybe. sadly.)
-greys (maybe. the finale was amazing.)
-want to get caught up on community! i watched the pilot and it was hilarious.

nothing. i watch the buffy marathons on logo. and all the boy meets world eps from the week on my parents dvr.

i feel like my list is a lot smaller this year. maybe thats good. i'll have time to try and be a good student, or whatever.

yay tv!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, pretty sure this is about to sound weird. I googled "dallas cowboys cheerleaders livejournal" to try to find a community for the fans of the dcc and the first thing that came up was your comment about being bffs with one in the ontd post for last Thanksgiving's halftime show. Then I creeped your journal and came over here to check out your tv blog because I'm a tv junkie. So that's how I found you, lol, but I really think you should continue with this, even as a side project. The season just started so maybe you can catch up on your free time. Even without a DVR, most channels put up full episodes on their websites so you can still keep up! I'd love to see your reviews. Good luck!