Monday, May 24, 2010

oh hey, i have a blog?

i haven't written in here in 9 months, but last night was the lost finale, and i have a lot of feelings. so here we go:

- i think the main problem i had with the finale (and really the only problem) is kate/jack ending up together. the scene with them kissing on the rock made me throw a pillow at my tv. i have been invested in the kate/sawyer relationship since SEASON 1 EPISODE 8. THAT IS A LONG TIME. so i felt a little jipped that their relationship wasn't even mentioned in the finale. but i have convinced myself that when their plane landed, kate and sawyer stayed together, and she took him to meet his daughter and they were next door neighbors to claire and helped her with aaron and they were all BFFS until they died.

-now on the other hand, i did LOVE sawyer/juliet's reunion. and i guess if you ended with sawyer/juliet you have to put kate/jack together. so i understand.

-i loved all the other reunions. sun/jin, claire/charlie (!!!!) were all adorable and made me teary.

-what happened to desmond?! how did he get off the island?! did he find penny?! what about his baby?! what made him special?! had he died for a little bit, and thats how he knew about the sideways world?!

-so basically the island was the hellmouth, and jacob was buffy, and all the candidates were the potential slayers who have to protect the hellmouth from opening. nice buffy rip off, damon/carlton.

-i love that hurley ended up being the new jacob and BEN was his number two! that was all ben wanted! i've been rooting for ben for a long time, so i was happy he ended up happy.

-speaking of ben, how did they get the tree of him?! they made a huge deal about how heavy the tree was, and then ben is running thru the island?

- i was originally really pissed about the sideways world being purgatory, but i've accepted it now, and think it's really sweet they all found each other. i don't understand why all this stuff happened in the sideways (jack having a son, etc), but it was an interesting storyline for the season.

overall, i have a lot of questions, but i know they will never be answered. so i'm going to be happy about the finale, and thankful for such an amazing show. it's been a crazy 6 years!

thanks for the memories, lost.

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