Saturday, September 19, 2009

bones 5x1- the harbingers in the fountain.

this weeks season premiere of bones was AMAZING. after the majority of critics and fans were disappointed with the season 4 finale, this premiere had a lot to prove.

i don't think anyone was disappointed anymore.

the season premiere, the harbingers in fountain, was chock full of bones goodness. angela has a new physic who knows where a bunch of bodies are buried (and that brennan and booth are totes meant to be), which gives agent booth (david boreanaz, aka love of my middle school life) and dr. brennan (the gorgeous emily deschanel) their first case back after booth's brain surgery/coma. the case isn't actually that important in this episode, which is really the only weakness.

the focus is on booth and brennan and their constantly evolving relationship. this week, booth told brennan he loved her (!!!!!) but quickly took it back saying it was "you know, in a professional, atta girl kind of way." brennan is totally surprised/shocked/freaked/excited, which is obviously why booth clarifies (slash TAKES BACK) the love confession. she follows it up with an "hah, love ya too, atta boy!" but you GUYS! THEY SAID THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! in their own strange way, but it's good enough for now.

there was also the amazing rescue scene: brennan goes after one the suspects on her own and gets herself stabbed in the arm. booth arrives just in time to shoot the bad guy, and comforts brennan. they're both on the floor and all wrapped up in each other and then booth KISSES HER HEAD and CALLS HER BABY. these two are just completely gone and head over heels for each other, it's adorable.

we end the episode with booth still questioning himself. he doesn't feel completely 100% after his brain surgery and can't remember everything about his old life. this is leaving him confused about his feelings for brennan and if they're legit, or a side effect from the coma. now we all obviously know that they are both totally in love, but it should be interesting to see how they come together this season.

and if they aren't together by the end of the season, i will NOT BE AMUSED.

line of the night goes to brennan, after being asked how she felt after being stabbed: "well, they put me on medication, so i'm feeling how people of average intelligence must feel all the time."

up next: the EMMYS! i don't have a whole lot invested in the actual awards this year, but NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. that's all i need. i will watch every moment. and you can watch along with me as i LIVE BLOG/TWEET. woo!

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